Laser Tag - About us

Laser Tag in the Forest!

Campaign Laser Tag is similar to paintball except it uses infra-red technology to register hits on your enemy rather than an actual projectile. We have invested in the very latest technology that are designed for anyone aged 6+. They have an effective range of over 200 meters, keep you informed of how much ammunition you have and how many lives you have left and when someone is ‘shot’ the gun omits a loud ‘arrrrrrgghh’

Mission-based games

It is the up-to-date version of Laser Quest or Quasar with better equipment, more room to run around and it’s outdoors! Enter the battleground and feel the adrenaline rush of tactical play and various missions that bring your first-person computer games to life. Great for birthday parties, family trips, Cubs & Scouts and team-building events.


For Groups of 10-20

Players are split into two teams and compete in a series of missions within the forest. Our high tech equipment allows us to program the number of hits players can take and the number of lives they get in order to maximise playing time.

Is it safe?

Laser Tag is 100% safe. Although the term ‘laser’ is used, in fact the taggers omit a harmless infra-red light beam similar to a TV remote.
Missions are inspired by classic video game formats like Team Domination, Capture the  Flag, Sector Control and more!

Where are we?

Alice Holt Forest

Alice Holt is a royal forest on the Surrey/Hampshire border, situated about 4 miles (6.4 km) south of Farnham, Surrey. Once famous for supplying timber for the navy, it is now the ideal place for exciting outdoor activities. Part of the south downs national park, it’s the perfect place for somewhere to let the kids run free away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  After your Laser Tag party relax with a picnic or a meal at the Cafe.

Facilities include:



High Tech Equipment

  • Long range capability up to 200 yards.
  • Red dot scope for precision aiming.
  • Realistic gun sounds and hit confirmation.
  • Missions use interactive elements, base control units, flags, re-spawn bases, and time bombs.
  • Unlike paintball, a player takes multiple hits before elimination so you spend more time in the game.
  • Some mission types also allow re-spawning.

Lets Party!

The ideal birthday venue

Everything is here to make your birthday party a success. While big brother has his Laser Tag party, younger siblings have a choice of 2 playgrounds and a Gruffalo trail. Then afterwards you can all get together for a picnic or a party meal in the new cafe.


When are we open

We are open most of the year .. Below is a snapshot of when you can arrange your visit!

We can however open any day for a private party of 20 or more people.

  • January (closed)
  • February Half Term
  • March (weekends only)
  • Easter, Half Term & Summer Holidays
  • October Half Term
  • November (weekends only)
  • December (weekends only)

*closed 24th-25th, 31st December and 1st January


£19.95 per person / 1  1/2 hour session / Minimum age 6 years

Supervision & tuition by Campaign staff

New Razorback ‘S’ Laser Rifles.

Unlimited Ammo !

6-10 action-packed games.

Comprehensive public liability insurance

Party invitations for you to send to guests

End of event debrief and TOP GUN awards.

About Us

We have been operating Paintball & Laser Tag events for over 25 years from our 100 acre centre near Cobham, Surrey

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